We are a highly respected company among our large network of customers and builders. Throughout your entire experience with Hayespower Electrics, you will feel at ease knowing your project is cost-effective and seamless, thanks to our team of reliable and friendly electricians.

We can assist you with your new home, your architectural high-end home, unit, renovations, and apartments. Not to mention, we can assist you with your home automation, light designs, or your general needs such as emergency call outs, upgrades, or data installations.

With your free quote, Hayespower Electrics will provide you with the most up to date solutions and products that will ensure your home is energy efficient, cost effective and of course, looks great!


New installations

New homes, architectural high-end homes, units, renos, apartments, re-wires, home automation

Lighting Design and Installation

General & Maintenance

Emergency call outs, switchboard upgrades, lighting upgrades, appliance installations, garden lighting, data installations